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RTR Engineering has been at the forefront of Occupational Health and Safety services throughout Southern Ontario. With a keen emphasis on collaboration, we've closely partnered with our clients to develop holistic compliance strategies, safeguarding them from business and personal risks inherent in manufacturing operations. Beyond protection, RTR Engineering champions operational efficiency, leading businesses to save significant time and money. Recognizing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems' vital role, paralleling the significance of building, equipment, and process compliance, we begin with a thorough review of client procedures, training, and documentation. Drawing from our expansive experience, we render recommendations tailored to fortify the Occupational Health and Safety System's efficacy and compliance. Among our array of services, we proudly offer Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs / PHSRs), Hazardous Area Classifications, Occupational Health & Safety Consulting, Risk Assessment Support, and Telecommunications Engineering.

Delve into safety and efficiency with RTR Engineering, the premier choice in the Greater Toronto Area for Occupational Health And Safety Consulting. Our team awaits your call.

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About Thomas R Riedel

For over 2 decades, Thomas Riedel P. Eng, a noted electrical engineer, has been a leading figure in engineering consulting across Ontario. He holds an Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma and an Industrial Electrician's License, showcasing his wide range of skills. Thomas has deep expertise in areas like Industrial Safety, Hazardous Area Classifications, and Telecommunications. Beyond just technical skills, he's known for his hands-on work style and excellent project management abilities. He's played key roles in industries like nuclear power generation and oil and gas. As an experienced leader, Thomas excels at building strong teams and maintaining excellent relationships with all his clients. His international experience in product sales & extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering would be a valuable asset to any organization.

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Empowering industries with safety, compliance, and efficiency through tailored solutions.

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RTR Engineering specializes in Workplace Health and Safety assessments for industrial companies in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, Stratford, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Sarnia, Windsor, Oshawa, and the surrounding Southern Ontario Area. RTR Engineering ensures compliant and secure operations across a variety of industries.